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Blogging in the classroom

1. Top 100 Education Blogs
This is a great blogging website because it is so organized and easy to follow. This site has all of the blogging sites organized by category, which makes it very user friendly. The categories on this website range from, E-learning, Education Policy, Internet Culture, Library and Research, Teaching and Technology and more.

2. Blogging Basics: Creating Students Journals on the Web
This website is great because it breaks down how to start up a blog for your students and what teachers should do before showing students to blog. It’s a very easy to follow website that anyone can understand and use. At one point in the article it discusses some benefits of blogging.

  • Students who lack the reading and writing skills they need to succeed also may lack the motivation to practice those skills. Many are motivated, however, to chat virtually with their friends.
  • Seeing their words published on the Web is a great student motivator.
  • Blogs offer an innovative way for students to engage in reflective writing on classroom topics in a familiar medium.
  • Blogs represent a democratization of information dissemination, providing each individual with the opportunity to publicly present his or her thoughts and opinions.
  • Students who know they have an audience other than their teacher write more credibly, accurately, and carefully.
  • Blogs allow others to respond, providing feedback to the authors.
  • Kids love blogging
3. Five Don'ts of Classroom Blogging
I really liked this article because it lets teachers aware of 5 things that should not be done when allowing students to blog. I feel blogging is a great tool that will allow students to showcase their knowledge and express their thoughts, but I do whoever, feel boundaries need to be set before students start to blog. I especially feel rule number 2: Don’t confuse blogging for social networking, is important because students may try to abuse blogging and avoid helping each other get through class work.

4. Classroom Blogging
This article is written by an early childhood teacher, and I feel she makes some great points in this article. At the elementary level I feel it is hard to apply blogging to my younger classes I work with, but this lady in this article shares how she uses it to keep parents informed of what the children are working on. She also said some parents bring their children on and have them write a sentence to work on spelling and grammar. This teacher has found a way to use blogging as a source of communication to parents and a tool to improve her students spelling and grammar.

5. Links to Schools Bloggers
This website shares TONS and TONS of blogs that you can read and look at for examples. I found this site to be very interesting and useful to see how other teachers are using blogs in their classroom.