Assignment 1: Ten Different Articles that use iPods in the Classroom
Pros and Cons of iPods in School -- The author in this article list the pros and cons of using iPods in the classroom. I feel students and teachers will benefit from using iPods in everyday class because it is new and exciting. I feel it is also important to acknowledge the challenges teachers may face when allowing the students to work with the iPod.

IPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet – In this article the author discusses how an elementary school is using iPods as a tool to assist in student learning. The students are showing excitement and creativity by creating radio shows, podcasts and interviews. The article also discussed how important it was to keep the students excited about using the iPods as a device to gather information. This article states that more than 60% of students already have some kind of iPod or technology system.


Grand Prairie schools welcome iPods in classroom – This article is about a school in Dallas where iPods are being used by students with high success. I like that the teachers in the school are open to teaching with using this effective tool. The teachers in the school believe that they are in a fast paced technology world and that they need to teach accordingly. The teachers believe by using iPods and programs such as “garage band” that they can create meaningful and fun lessons.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better – This site discusses how children, young adults and adults are using iPods for more than just music. This site breaks down how you can use your iPod for: study guides, podcasts, tutorials, applications, downloads, classroom help, iPod learning support, tools, iTunes, and miscellaneous information. After reviewing this site it has opened my eyes to see how much my iPod can do.

iPods in School – Turning Toys Into Tools – Teaching With Technology –
This article discusses how using iPods in the classroom for audio books will benefit and make students motivated to learn. The article states that many students fall behind because they struggle to read and therefore fall further behind on reading levels. One of the schools did research and showed that reading along with the iPod, accelerated some of the student reading gains. The article also said that there are at least 4 benefits they have seen since using iPods in school: increase student achievement, independent reading, share or small group reading, whole class is listening. I think by using my iPod, my students would get excited and more motivated to listen and learn!

iPods in the Classroom - I found this article to be very interesting because it tells how a special needs students uses an iPod to read her the test questions. The student would usually be pulled out for tests, but tried an experiment where the iPod reads the question to her as many times as she needs and this allows her to stay in her regular class.

iPods in the Classroom - I liked this article because it asked a few basic questions that the average person would be wondering about iPods in schools and then gives the answers. It discussed questions like: educational possibilities with the iPod, innovative ways teachers use iPods, and ways teachers keep the students on task.

IPods in Education- T4 - I like this website because it explains and models different ways that iPods are being used in the classroom. The site shows how some teachers expanded and modified their curriculum to meet the demands of mobile and media rich students. This site shows a few different ways to use an iPod in a variety of curriculum's.

Interactive teaching brings iPods into the classroom – This article discussed ways teachers are using the iPods in their classroom. The one thing I learned about this article is that there is something called iTunes U which is an educational source in the iTunes store. When using this teachers and students can show their work, take quizzes, tests, and build portfolios.

Using iPods in the Classroom Promotes Interactive Learning and More Effective Studying – This article talks about some pros and cons about using iPods in schools. I agree with the article because they author says that iPods are a way to fuel learning for the unmotivated learners. The author also discusses how it is important to police what the students are doing on their iPods during class. I like that the author said his school makes the students design and implement programs that are allowed when using the iPod because this makes them accountable for what is on their iPod.

Assignment 2: 5 AHA Moments
1. From: Paul Alexander
Schools Ban iPods to Prevent Cheating
I thought it was interesting to find that some students were using the iPods in a negative way. I feel iPods are a great tool to help motivate students, but also feel it should be regulated when they can be used.

2. From: Tony Seidel
Using The iPod in Special Education -
I really liked this article and the points that Tony made because I think it would be awesome for students to stay in a classroom and get work/tests done without being pulled out. I could think of a few students in my building that would like to be stay in the room with their classmates.
3. From: Andy Brandt
What can an iPod do in the Classroom -
I love using the iPod to play music in the gym because it is much easier to make a playlist on my iPod than switch cd’s. In this article I also emjoyed reading the section where other teachers could put in their two cents.
4. From: Laura Heim

Top 50 iPod Apps for Educators

I think this was a great article because it shows 50 applications that could be used in the classroom and what benefits it has for a teacher. The best part about the article is the explanation after each article. I will be using some of the app in my class from this article.

5. From: Michele Otradovec

The Advantages of Using an iPod Touch in the Classroom for Education -

I like how this article talks about how the iPod has grown from a fun device you can use at home to a learning tool used in schools. In this article they also discussed how much cheaper and how much easier it is to use an iPod rather than a laptop.

Assignment 3: Podcast in class
I subscribed to the free Podcast from iTunes called “Yoga Today: Yoga for kids.” I used this Podcast as a warm-up for my 3rd grade classes. The Podcast is about 10 minutes long, so I used it at the very start of class. I found by having the lights off and using the projection screen I got the students attention because they never get to watch anything in PE class. I was happy to see the students all participating and listening intently to the instructor on the Podcast.

Assignment 4: Find 5 personal iTouch applications, and 2 iTouch applications in your classroom

Craigslist: I use my application to look online to find items for sale in the local green bay area. The app broke down the pages and made it easy to read and see the pictures. I do not have any complaints about the application.

Facebook: I use facebook to keep in touch with friends and update myself with events that are going on. I like how the pages load up quickly and it is easy to find what I need on the site. I thought the application about have made it easier to look at information on fyour friends.

Score Center: Score center is a great site to keep up with your favorite sport teams or updated news that happened in the sport world. I do not like how small the writing in on the bottom of the page, I think it is hard to read when it is scrolling through.

Skype: I use the Skype to keep up with my brother who moved to the Dominican Republic. I would like it better if there were a camera on the iPod so he could see me. I like how the site is easy to use and self explanatory. Celebration

Pandora: I use Pandora when I want to hear a certain artist or certain type of genre. I love how easy it is to listen to music that you want to hear. I wish on the site it had songs that you could pick with the artist.

2 in class iTouch applications

Pocket CPR – I used this application on one of my fitness days. I set up all different stations around the gym and for one I had my iPod out and the students got to work on how to do chest compressions. The students thought it was fun to use the iPod, but thought it was had to get exactly what the app wanted them to do for speed and force.

Nutrition Tip – I used Nutrition Tip with one of my 4th grade classes while doing a jump rope unit. I have students tell me a goal of how many jumps they want to get in a row for the day. If the students come and show me and meet their goal they get to take the iPod touch look at a healthy tip and write it on the white board. The students loved being able to use the iPod and liked learning new nutrition facts. The one thing some students did not like was that some of the facts weren’t that interesting to them and a little over their head.

Teacher Podcast

Students Podcast