Lesson Plan:

Title of Lesson: Throwing and Catching a football Using Technology
Date: 02/16/10
Timeframe of Lesson: 2 - 30 Minute Classes

Author(s): Doug Pieschek
School District: Howard-Suamico School District
Campus: Howard Elementary School

Subject Area(s): Physical Education
Grade Level(s)/Course: 3rd & 4th Grade Physical Education

State Standards:

Subject Specific: Physical Education Specific:

B.4.1 Demonstrate progress toward the mature form of all locomotor (movement) patterns and selected manipulative and non-locomotor skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking
C.4.1 Work on improving personal performance in fundamental and selected specialized motor skills such as throwing, catching, running
D.4.1 Experience the opportunity for enjoyment while participating in physical activity
F.4.1 Follow activity-specific rules, procedures, and etiquette with little or no reinforcement
G.4.2 Demonstrate acceptance of the skill and ability of others through verbal and nonverbal behavior

Technology Specific:


A.4.1 Use common media and technology terminology and equipment
A.4.5 Use media and technology to create and present information
B.4.5 Record and organize information

C.4.4 Demonstrate self-motivation and increasing responsibility for their learning
D.4.1 Participate productively in workgroups or other collaborative learning

D.4.2 Use information, media, and technology in a responsible manner

Stated Objective(s):

1. Students will learn/know 3 throwing cues
2. Students will learn/know 2 catching cues
3. Students will demonstrate 3 throwing cues
4. Students will demonstrate 2 catching cues
5. Students will make and present a slide show using Photo Story 3 using pictures taken in class
Procedures for Lesson :
Day 1:
Teacher will demonstrate and review throwing and catching cues. Students will then be split in groups of four (photographer, demonstrator, helper and writer). The students will then go to a reserved spot in the gym, where they will find a football, camera and laptop. The students will be in charge of coming up with 3 throwing cues, and 2 catching cues. Once they have decided what cues they want to perform they will have a classmate take a picture of them doing that cue. The students will then upload the pictures to a laptop and write a short summary to the cues using Photo Story 3.
Day 2:
Students will come in and continue working on their projects. Once every group has finished we will present them with a projector on the wall for all to see.
Assessment or Evaluation:
Students will be assessed based on information presented from their group. If they used 3 throwing cues, and 2 catching. Students will also be assessed on if the group had any trouble working together.
· Presentations will be given at the end of day 2
· Teacher will play slide show for the students next year as they start their throwing and catching football unit
· All students in the class will watch all slide shows, followed by discussion
  • Camera for each group
  • Laptop for each group
  • Projector
  • Football for each group

Cues and description in video
Had more than 3 throwing cues and 2 catching cues and all had descriptions
If they had all 3 throwing cues, 2 catching cues and all descriptions
Only had pictures of the 3 throwing cues and 2 catching cues with a few descriptions
Had only pictures uploaded and no descriptions
If a group member went above and beyond to help all teammates and did their part
Cooperated with teammates and did their part
Argued with teammates and only did some of their work
Argued with teammates and did not do their part to help group