Web 2.0
Podmatic The site I choose is Podmatic because I think it would be fun for my students to see Podcasts that are already out there and it would be cool for me to make a Podcast for my students. In the Podmatic website there are topics they could search such as sports, fitness, health and nutrition. I think using this would be a great way to catch my student’s attention and stay on top of all the current trends.

Educational Game
Kids Health

I would use this game in my gym with 3rd and 4th grade students during my fitness unit. In this unit I discuss what it takes to have a healthy body by incorporating exercise and eating healthy. I believe these games would assist the students understand what is healthy and unhealthy to eat. I would set up a few laptops in part of the gym and use these games as one of the stations. I think the students would enjoy learning online during my PE class because it is something different than what their used to.