Lessons Integrating Technology with Physical Education

What's the Question

Technology Integration: Computer - Projector

I would use this lesson with my 4th grade students. The educator led lesson focuses on student’s recalling information that relates to nutrition and physical activity. The students will be put into 3 competing groups. The teacher decides which group will go first. That team chooses a category and dollar amount to reveal the answer to that question. The instructor clicks on that dollar amount and the answer will appear. The team captain will raise their hand when their team has the correct answer. The team who has the answer first will give their answer. If the answer is incorrect they are brought back to the game board for the next team to choose a category and dollar amount. If their answer is correct, they are awarded the points. I think it seems like a fun way to keep the students interest and thinking about nutrition and fitness activities.

Soccer Skills in Technology
Technology Intergration: Digital Camera&Microsoft MovieMaker

In this lesson I would use my 4th grade classes because I would trust them most with a camera. I feel I could use this lesson with lower grade levels but would make sure that I was the one taking the pictures to assure nothing gets broke. I think having the students present the pictures in an Imovie would be a great way to use technology but also see if they could pick out the cues we discuss in earlier lessons. I like the idea of taking pictures of the students to show what their form looks like, I could see this being helpful when trying to teach my first graders how to throw!

Step to Fitness with Pedometers
Technology Integration: Pedometers

In this lesson I would use my 3rd and 4th grade students. This lesson is about having the students where pedometers while playing a mini game of soccer. At the end of the game the teacher has the students mark down on paper their steps instead of the goals made. I like this lesson because it shows that educators are not worried about who wins, but about student’s fitness. I also feel you could bring pedometers into any game and use it as a tool to track movement of the children. Pedometers are a great way to motivate the unmotivated!